Interpretation. “Emphasis on complexity”

It is believed that the highest quality interpretation is the interpretation that seems not to have happened, the one that remains unnoticed by negotiating parties. All parties of the event have to be left with a feeling of a direct contact and communication in the same language.

It does not matter which kind of interpretation it is – simultaneous, whisper interpreting, consecutive with note-taking, paragraph/phrasal or combined interpretation, political interpretation at summit meetings amid camera flashes, interpreting in a strict business style or semi-officially in a friendly tieless atmosphere, from a booth specially equipped for simultaneous interpretation, at the negotiating table or in a restaurant, from the stage or from behind the scenes, during a walk or an excursion, face-to-face or by using telecommunication means from another end of the planet. In order to have a successful event, one needs enormous preparatory work on top of the excellent qualifications of an interpreter.

Staff interpreters, editors and management of our company have personal, long-term experience of interpreting at events of different levels:

  • at presentations, conventions, seminars, press-conferences,
  • at negotiations and meetings, at shareholders and participants' meetings, at auditors and audit commissions' sessions,
  • witnessing notarial acts, court sessions and investigations,
  • providing language support for specialists at installation supervision, while carrying out technical testing, at commissioning and construction-and-assembly work, at maintenance operations,
  • during short-term and long-term educational courses,
  • during military training, or during sport, cultural and other large scale events.

We have a pool of experienced certified interpreters, who are spread all over the world but are ready to arrive at a destination in the shortest amount of time, as well as the experience of organizing events with interpretation in a short time where we have to release complex interpretation projects under conditions of excessive uncertainty. This is why we can quickly respond to the rapidly changing circumstances and a customer’s demands and provide them with all-round organizational assistance with full respect for the confidentiality. We are also able to quickly join in a customer’s team, share their pragmatic interests and actively participate in reaching goals set for us.

The team of interpreters at AKM-West has not only political and business meetings under its belt, but has also successfully carried out complex technical missions.

Many of the successfully fulfilled projects had either none or strict confidentiality of preliminary information on the character and subject of the meeting, as well as a busy work schedule with a lack of time for a night’s rest, some of them included the use of an interpreter as an aide, and the development of optimal visit routes in conjunction with the objectives, priorities and logistics of the country to visit. We have also had to organize meetings, travel, VIP-transfers both in Russia and abroad, accommodations, service in VIP lounges in airports, and urgent provision of reserved interpreters due to a participation of press and a conflict of interest.

We have experience in working with large groups including military officers, athletes, musicians and children. We also organize flights, transfers, accommodation for delegations, interaction on the basis of visa support, and agreement on a program.

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