Translation. Completeness, precision, continuity, correctness

Providing a high-quality translation starts at the project preparation stage. It starts with clarification of a customer's requirements, determination of an optimal solution, formation of a team of performers from those who are permitted to work on a subject of the project, and also putting together or making a glossary and a terminology database. The major work of staff and freelance linguists, including terminologists, is done during translating, editing, and proofreading the materials (making corrections).

A translation may be accompanied by a full range of related services such as layout, pre-press preparation, legalization and notarial certification.

A quality management group consisting of the Executive Officer for Technology and Quality, editors and technology editors checks translations and carries out sample control not only at all stages of work on translation projects, but also after they are accomplished. It is done to verify whether the translated text corresponds to the set objectives and satisfies the customer.

While translating texts and materials intended for publication, special attention is given to stylists' work; preference is given to the pragmatic approach in order to get a proper (meaningful) translation which fully expresses the original thoughts, feelings and desires. Expressive and extra linguistic components of an original text are kept by carefully choosing corresponding idioms, the phonetics of the translation (readability, euphony, the way it sounds when read aloud) is also taken into consideration.

The process of developing our workforce of both staff and freelance translators includes a constant selection of professionals based on competitive testing, during which the following factors are checked: qualification of a translator or editor in the claimed subject or sphere, quality and experience of translating, translation skills in tight conditions, ability to integrate in a work process and project groups.

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