Document Translation. A “single window” individual service.

Translation of personal documents – who might need it?

  • foreign citizens submitting documents which were issued by foreign authorities in the territory of the Russian Federation

Personal documents – which ones?

  • passports, identification cards
  • various certificates (birth certificates, marriage certificates, change of name certificates, certificates of ownership, etc.)
  • medical certificates, bank statements, inquires from the Civil Registry Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, etc.)
  • qualification certificates and diplomas and supplements to them
  • driver’s licenses, identification documents, and so on
  • powers of attorney

Translation of personal documents – what are the particulars?

In most cases, text notarization will be required when translating personal documents.

The notarization of a translation is required to give legal power to the translated documents issued outside the Russian Federation when these documents must be submitted to the immigration and border control agencies, the Civil Registry Office, and other organizations for various transactions in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Translation of personal documents – where can it be done?

We will provide you with a high quality translation by the required deadline.

It is a “single window” process – the result of our work will be a fully completed legalized document (translated and notarized).

To place a request for a translation of personal documents, visit our office or fill out a form to request a translation on our website.

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