Multimedia. A different take.

The use of standard forms of media is not always suitable for the customer to find success; text alone may not suffice to meet all the challenges of the modern world. How can one translate a beautiful video advertisement into Russian? How can one remotely give a medical lecture to participants of a forum in China? How can one familiarize the staff of a branch office with the contents of a documentary film shot by the parent company?

All of these and many other questions related to multimedia solutions are answered by experts from the AKM-West translation company. We provide the following audio and video translation services:

  • transcription of audio and video materials (the customer is provided with a solid text script, and if necessary, with time stamps and/or divisions by role). This type of work is relevant in preparing any audio or video material for translation, such as interviews, films, clips, video presentations, lectures, audiobooks, and so on.
  • Translations of audio and video materials (depending on the task, referencing and text adaptation may be undertaken in the course of translation for subsequently creating subtitles or voice-over). Multimedia translation is carried out in a wide variety of areas – technical (video instructions, video courses, training presentations, lectures), artistic (films, cartoons, soundtracks), marketing (commercials, presentation materials, corporate scenes), journalistic (television and radio broadcasts, interviews), and many others.
  • Creating subtitles (breakdown of script text or placing subtitles in a video)
  • Voice-over/dubbing, including work by professional speakers (Russian or native speakers)
  • The set of services listed above.
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