Localization. We erase boundaries.

In the world of translations, translation companies, and the users of their services, there is a widespread misconception that localization implies a high quality translation of text strings in IT products into other languages: computer programs and video games, websites, interfaces, and hardware configurations.

In fact, localization is the adaptation not only of the product itself, but also of the processes or even the strategies of the company toward the conditions of the targeted foreign markets. This is especially important if the linguistic, sociocultural, and historical traditions of the consumers in these markets differ from the native, original conditions of the products.

Our customers expect from localization not only profound processing of the text and graphic components of different telecommunications products, but also a pragmatically oriented adaptation of their advertising campaigns and solutions, as well as the choice of the most successful forms of participation and platforms to reach out to social networks and the media. To put it shortly, they expect everything necessary to maximize success so that the work of the translators conveys not only the notions and information to the target audience, but also the feelings and emotions that the authors intended.

The concepts of “internationalization” and “globalization” are also closely related to “localization”. Internationalization constructs products and processes in advance, so that during localization, it is possible to quickly adapt to various linguistic and cultural characteristics of the target country or region. Globalization, in turn, is a step higher and more difficult and involves developing products and processes from the perspective of a global market, but includes among other things, processes of internationalization and localization, for which professionals in intercultural and inter-language communication are indispensable.

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